eCOM Solutions, Inc knows how a MSP partnership can be vital to our success.

Leveraging over 14 years of meaningful relationships in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Talent Community has been a natural progression for us. eCOM is often approached by our clients, MSP partners, and professional colleagues networking for talent or the next step in their career evolution. We have successfully balanced the various interests of each party, brokered introductions, and cultivated placements for those that would likely have otherwise not made a connection.

ECOM Solutions recognizes what is important our customer and the impact we create by our unique skill sets. Outlined below are some of the many value-added service programs we have designed providing more specified advantages to our clients and helped us to develop a unique MSP business model.

24/7 Availability

ECOM provides clients with access to a staffing professional 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. So, if our MSPs have an emergency staffing need outside of normal business hours or work in different shifts, we can efficiently assist them with the resource needs as we have combination of offshore and onsite recruiting working in many shifts which covers day and night contribution and even in holiday period as required by our MSPs.

Cost Efficiencies

• Hard and soft cost savings result from
• Retention of core business focus
• Pricing consistency
• Process efficiencies
• Improved placement success
• Increased retention
• Increased productivity
• Improved data analysis capabilities via e-solutions and warehousing
• Reduced administration through invoice and report consolidation
• Reduced vendor management responsibilities

Commitment to Quality & Metrics

ECOM tracks the progress of each field employee. Arrival and performance checks are made with client at regular intervals and final evaluations are documented. A Constant feedback is maintained by our Consultant care staff and proper counseling is provided at all times. All client given deadlines and SLA’s are adhered to and executed with zero tolerance policy.


• By delivering the highest level of service and talent, we have ensured that 85% of our revenue comes from MSP support and expertise.
• Today, we’re partnering with the top 6 Global MSPs, actively using the top 10 VMS Tools in the market.

Source of candidates/hired:

eCOM keep track of where the candidates we place who are hired come from? This information provides insight into the effectiveness of the tools and software we are using and the productivity levels of our recruiters. You also gain a better understanding of where your candidates are coming from, which means we can stop wasting time on low-performing outlets and allocate your resources where they will be most effective.

Percentage of candidates redeployed:

eCOM tracks how many candidates are we reassigning after the first placement? Knowing this information – along with the sources of these hires (see No. 1, above) – can help us identify the need to increase follow-up during a placement, as well as at the end of an assignment

Core Competencies:

IT, Engineering, Admin/Clerical, Accounting/Finance, LI & HI, Sales/Human resources, Scientific, Professional &Technical & Healthcare

Industries Served:

Hitech, Financial, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Packaging, Chemical, Oil & Gas & Energy, Marketing/Sales, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) & Public Sector to name a few.

Some of our Prestigious Fortune 500 Clients ....